Izgara Finchley Restaurant, with over 20 years of service experience, is a modern and elegant Turkish restaurant, located in 11 Hendon Lane, Finchley, London.

Since 1999, Izgara Finchley restaurant has been preserving the same service quality thanks to the founders Emir KAYA, Ibrahim OPUZ, Huseyin OPUZ and Kalender DEMIRTAS. The restaurant has been awarded “Best Turkish Restaurant in London”, “Best Meze in London” and” Best Kebab in London” by several press channels and professional gourmet chefs. Izgara Finchley Restaurant brings the international businessmen and women together for business lunch and dinners, as well as offering unique Mediterranean cuisine meals for groups, private family gatherings and is also a sought-after spot for celebrities. Restaurant’s regulars include several well-known celebrities from cinema, music, sports, theatre and literature circles.


In Izgara Finchley Restaurant we set several policy principles as our foundation. Our high standards of service and management will allow us to proudly carry our business in the future.

Izgara Finchley Restaurant aims to completely meet the demands and needs of the customers, through excellent service and quality products, allowing the restaurant to be a sought-after and in-demand brand. To achieve this ambition, determined by the management and the all staff, training, hygiene and new improvements are the key to achieve success. Ensuring customer satisfaction through "high quality service” “with respect to customer demands and quality standards” according to “demand time” of the “daily fresh delicacies and meals” preserving “hygienic standards” are just a few of many ambitions of Izgara Finchley Restaurant .




With 22 years of experience, quality service and constant reinventing and developing, Izgara Finchley Restaurant has maintained the leadership in the industry. We now aim to continue being a leader company in customer satisfaction.


We believe and are committed to provide our customers with the best possible service. In Izgara Finchley Restaurant we work together, as a family, to achieve this goal. We have set as our mission to satisfy all our Turkish food lovers’ customers by providing then with a quality environment and excellent service.



Izgara Finchley